Representative APR Example
Amount of credit $200 for 30 days
Interest Rate 359%
Total Repayable $259
Representative APR 1734%

Privacy Policy

Advancement of technology has led to a major increase in cyber-crimes and thefts. All of us are worried about the personal details that we allow to float in the cyber world no matter how safe it is going to be.

So it is only realistic to be worried about giving out information when applying on our website. Rest assured, the privacy policy that Small Cash Loans follows will take care of these fears by ensuring that your details are safe.

The first measure of course is to ensure that there are high level security protocols present to safeguard your data. As a second measure, we have enrolled a team of cyber security personnel to monitor carefully our portals and databases.

Their job profile is solely to prevent identity or data theft. We at Small Cash Loans also take stringent measures to securely pass on your information to potential lenders.

Data you provide us will be treated with great care and placed in our database vaults in an encrypted mode.

This safeguards the details regarding you from any sort of intermediary attacks. So apart from you, the lender and us, no one really knows how to read out the details shared.

You can opt to browse through the loans and other services in an anonymous manner. This gives you the freedom to not provide any personal details while simply browsing through.

There is one more method that can be adopted by you personally to ensure privacy. That would be to disable cookies that give us an idea of your preferences when browsing.

We do not share your contact or financial details with third parties or marketing firms. This will spare you the trouble of having to answer calls from marketing firms or being spammed by emails.

You will be given special access details to find your way to the details in our database and this will not be shared with any one else.