Representative APR Example
Amount of credit $200 for 30 days
Interest Rate 359%
Total Repayable $259
Representative APR 1734%

How It Works

There might be a newly married couple among you relatives and you have planned to invite them for a dinner party. You have planned to make it a grand one with some nice decoration inside and outside the house.

You want to follow it up with an excellent four course dinner. But if you are just short of a small amount to fully execute these plans, what would you do?

You can now think of getting Small Cash Loans for flexible period of time that is also in accordance with the amount borrowed. This you can get in just 24 hours once you have picked the lender to go with. We will help you in getting the loan money without hassles and delays.

We at Small Cash Loans will go out on a limb to try and understand what your needs are and then go through our panel of lenders for assistance. We compare the loans that are being offered for you and match those closest to your expectations.

There are several parameters on which this is gauged so that you are happy with the outcome. The lenders are only requiring two things from you. The first one is that you are earning in a regular manner.

And the second one is that there is a valid bank account present in your name. We convey your income and requirement details to the lender. The reason behind this is that these two factors are what help in finalizing the loan amount.

Urgent or not your application is handled with the same regard and care. We are able to quickly process your application as no mundane paperwork is needed and you can apply online now. We do not ask you to go down to meet with the lender or to come to our office.

We do not bring out otherwise hidden fees or any such charges when it is time for repayment or the loan is about to be sanctioned. On account of all of these factors, we are now able to get loan approval and you’re your sanction done in hardly any time.

You get a good enough amount of time to repay the loan and by doing so on time you will be doing yourself a favour. That happens as a result of timely repayment leading to an improvement in your credit score.

If would be only normal to hesitate when it comes to borrowing money with a poor credit history.

So when you come to us for help you will be relieved to know that this is not a crucial or decisive factor in approval. Lenders might want to take a look at your credit record but that does not interfere with the decision itself.

You can take the initiative to directly apply via the Apply now page. There is a short, free of cost form that you should take some time to fill out. It is very thorough and as a result you will not have to send out any paperwork via fax.

Do not worry about the privacy of your details provided during application as we have a really good privacy policy being enforced.