Representative APR Example
Amount of credit $200 for 30 days
Interest Rate 359%
Total Repayable $259
Representative APR 1734%


Will I get competitive interest rates from Small Cash Loans?
In reality we are just loan arrangers who get you much required financial help through an established panel of lenders.

The team here has talented subject matter experts who can help in getting you access to some really good offers when it comes to interest rates. You will have many options to pick from, so choose wisely.

Are these loans made available to people with a really sad credit history?
Yes, you are going to get a loan irrespective of how good or bad your credit history reads out to be like. Lenders might want to randomly look up your credit history but not really enforce the findings when it comes to the decision itself.

Am I going to have to come personally and meet with you or the lenders for discussions regarding the loan?
There is no question of personal meetings with either of us arising during the course of the loan. You enjoy the luxury of being able to place a loan request on our Apply Now page. Submitting this in an accurate manner is all that you have to take care of.

Can I get a small loan as my needs are such, I do not want to take a large loan and not use the whole amount?
We at Small Cash Loans are pretty flexible about the amount that can be loaned to you. Lenders will consider your needs and repayment abilities to arrive at the loan amount. So you do not end up getting more than you want to receive.

How soon is my request going to be processed and approved?
Our representatives work really hard to right away get the processing of your request underway. Since there is a lot of knowledge of the loan market’s workings, there should not be any sort of delay in getting approval. You can count on help coming your way in 24 hours.

How much fees do I have to shell out when applying or later?
We do not charge you a penny for application or processing when you want to get a loan through us.